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Cold War Reborn in the Hot Middle East?

Earlier today, Russian President Dmitry Medvedev said “tensions in the Middle East threaten to lead to a new explosion or even a catastrophe.” Really? I’m impressed with how observant of a person he is, apparently he reads the newspaper just like the rest of us. Over the past few years, Russia has been increasing her role in the Middle East, both as mediator and instigator. President Medvedev asserted that the tensions he spoke of were Israeli-Arab tensions, yes these tensions exist, but Russia has done little to appease this tension.

We all know of the political and military ties between Iran, Syria and Hezbollah. Russia is also well aware of the connections, but the country continues to be hesitant in placing stronger sanctions and limitations on Iran as a punishment for pursuing nuclear development. Although Russia has been coming around after it was revealed that Iran has improved enrichment abilities, Russia remains the last major entity to not fully support harsher sanctions. Hey Medvedev, here’s an easy way for you to help reduce tensions, stop resisting sanctions and punishment for Iran.

Actually I have an even better way for you (Medvedev) to stop instigating the tension you claim you want to reduce. Don’t build a nuclear facility in Syria! New reports claim that Russia plans on developing a nuclear power plant in Syria, citing that cooperation on the atomic front is the best way forward. I guess Russian schools must not offer informative or accurate history classes. For one, let’s think back to the later half of the 20th century. If I remember correctly, there was this thing called the Cold War. I’m pretty sure this term was coined to describe the tensions between the USSR and the US over nuclear activity. I’m also pretty sure that most of the fighting was carried out in satellite countries where one side supported said country and the other didn’t. Let’s fast-forward to today, something about this nuclear facility announcement and the divergence of opinion between Moscow and the West over Iran seems strikingly similar to the Cold War. Russia is heading down a path of opposing Western interests on the atomic front and is on the verge of helping one of the axis of evil countries build a nuclear facility.

Lesson two, Syria has supposedly attempted to build a nuclear reactor in the past. Guess what happened to it, Israel bombed it. So Russia, do you think it wise to invest in a nuclear power plant only to see the investment destroyed by Israeli fighter jets? Although Russia boasts a large number of tycoons, it doesn’t seem as though Russian schools were the source of such successful business or investment knowledge (I suppose instead of schools, the Kremlin or friendships were the best educational sources for business success).

Dear President Medvedev (and your puppet master, the stealthy Vladimir Putin),
If you want to truly be a source of international positive recognition and assume a role in Middle East mediation, don’t be the instigator who prevents punishment to Iran and supplies nuclear facilities to Syria. By continuing to pursue the current policies, Russia is inadvertently being a supporter of Hezbollah. Thank you for signing the new arms reduction treaty, but we all know it doesn’t take the massive cache either country owns to destroy the enemy. Signing the treaty was a nice gesture, but please come to your senses before you cause Cold War II or WWIII.
Thank you,
The World


March Madness of News Stories

In honor of the NCAA National Championship we have decided to create a March Madness bracket of the top news stories from March 2010. The four regional brackets are divided into World new, National news, Science & Business news and Weird news. We have carefully selected the rankings for each news story, but we look to your vote to pick the NEWS STORY OF THE MONTH champion. We’ll provide a brief synopsis of each story and a link to an article relating to it, then you vote. Please vote and get your friends to vote on the top news stories of the month. To keep it shorter we have only 8 stories per region.

World News
#1 vs. #8
#1Iraq holds a nation wide Parliamentary election with little violence, the results have been announced and the secular Iraqiya bloc has won the most seats.
#8 – The drug war in Mexico has become increasingly violent and this month, a drug gang targeted US consulates and their families in the border town of Juarez.

#2 vs. #7
#2 – The Catholic Church has been rocked by an outpouring of sexual abuse scandals in Europe, especially in the Pope’s former country.
#7 – A South Korean navy ships mysteriously sinks amid rising tensions between the bordering Koreas.

#3 vs. #6
#3 – Palestinians were ready to come back to the negotiating table until Israel announced a new expansion plan in East Jerusalem while VP Biden was visiting. This has pretty much derailed peace talks, but PM Netanyahu now says the building will be scaled back.
#6 – Myanmar’s military Junta said fair public elections would be held this year for the first time since they took over power 20 years ago.

#4 vs. #5
#4 – Thai protesters have forced negotiations between opposition leaders and the government to occur after pouring gallons of donated blood on several government properties.
#5 – Two female suicide bombers detonate themselves in the Moscow subways.

#1 vs #8
#1 – Healthcare reform passes the House! Need I say more…
#8 – The Oscars

#2 vs. #7
#2 – US Census. It’s mind-boggling how much money the government saves when people mail the forms back.
#7 – Pepsi Corp. has announced that they will cut salts and fats in their products.

#3 vs. #6
#3 – US stocks have climbed to an 18 month high. Are we on our way out of recession?
#6 – Violence follows the passing of healthcare.

#4 vs. #5
#4 – US to increase housing loans, I know it got us into this recession, but maybe they’ll be smarter loans this time.
#5 – Obama makes a surprise visit to Afghanistan


#1 vs #8
#1 – Greece has been rocked by a huge national debt causing the government to nearly declare bankruptcy, but the EU has agreed on a financial aid program.
#8 – Over parenting and pushing your children to be over achievers may be as damaging as neglectful parenting

#2 vs. #7
#2 – Laser Warfare becoming a reality
#7 – Touching your skin could control your next ipod or phone

#3 vs #6
#3 – VIRGIN test flew their commercial space shuttle
#6 – GM leadership shakeup

#4 vs #5
#4 – Micro financing, often used in developing countries, has sprung up in the US
#5 – US and China are two of the world’s top clean energy markets

#1 vs. #8
#1 – Chili Pepper Grenade
#8 – I wasn’t attacked by razor wielding men after all

#2 vs. #7
#2 – Smelly sneaker competition
#7 – Watermelon roadblock

#3 vs. #6
#3 – Paid to eat
#6 – If you can’t curb the drinking, might as well keep them safe

#4 vs. #5
#4 – Sarah Palin tv is to be extended beyond FOX News
#5 – The famous British downhill cheese roll has been canceled