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A New Biological Weapon

India has a new weapon and it’s very unconventional, it’s the newest biological weapon. When one hears the term biological weapon, thoughts of fear and terrorism quickly come to mind, but in this case, these fears should not arise. India has essentially created a new form of tear gas, an all natural one. Scientist have constructed a means of containing the extracts of bhut jolokia, the world’s hottest chili, into hand grenades. The Indian Ministry of Defense claims that these new grenades will be vital in the fight against terrorism because the grenades will be able to force terrorists out of caves with their spiciness.

Not only has India created a biological weapon with no negative environmental or health effects, but it has also found a way of incorporating the often volatile and ignored Northeastern region into the political mix. The chili in grown primarily in the Northeast, a region in which Maoist have created an ongoing and strong insurgency. By increasing the use and demand for the chilis, the chili grenade has also increased the crop’s value. This will encourage further farming of the chili and provide additional formal means of employment and inclusion within the governance process.

India may have killed two birds with one stone by creating the chili grenade.


Wasteful Spending

As the Tea Party movement continues to maintain support and function as a non-violent insurgency against the federal government, the IRS may have just served the Partiers’ a spoonful of sugar on a silver platter. Apparently, Harv’s Metro Car Wash owed the IRS 4 cents from a 2006 tax return. Four years later, they have come to collect the debt. Two agenst showed up in a car in order to hand deliver the notice of past due taxes. Yes, the government needs to monitor spending and reign in any wasteful spending and outstanding debts in order to help alleviate the current crisis, but 4 cents worth of debt???!!! I don’t think 4 cents can help anything, especially not in off-setting the hours two employees wasted delivering the letter or the gas spent on driving there. Even if they mailed the letter it would have been at a 40 cent loss.

I don’t agree with the Tea Party movement, but when something like this happens it makes you think.

* stats provided by http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/pricebasket.html