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Arizona Strikes Again!

If Arizona’s recent immigration law wasn’t worrying enough, the Governor, Jan Brewer, has just signed a new bill that removes the Mexican-American studies program from Tucson schools. Arizona’s school chief has been pushing this bill for years because he is afraid that the program teaches Latinos that they are oppressed by White Americans. He must be underestimating the powers of observation and experience because I doubt the lessons learned in the program is the source of Latinos’ awareness of oppression by the White man. I think Latinos are inherently intelligent enough to see their brethren routinely given fewer employment opportunities, lower salaried jobs and now seeing their Constitutional rights (Amendment 4) being disregarded and violated by the new Arizona immigration law.

The class may actually serve the opposite purpose of teaching oppression. It may actually teach Latinos that not all Arizonans are bigoted assholes who only want Latinos in the state in order to afford cheap home repairs and gardens maintenance, but now they won’t have the chance to learn that.


Iraq’s Constitution

You’ll never guess what I discovered while reading the Iraqi Constitution. Go ahead give it a shot…

So I don’t give it away by writing the answer right below the question, I’m going to scramble the letters for you…
E, L, T, H, H, A E,A,C,R

Still don’t know? Well here it is (backwards :)) erac htlaeh.

That’s right, Article 31 of the Iraqi Constitution states “Every citizen has the right to health care. The State shall maintain public health and provide the means of prevention and treatment by building different types of hospitals and health institutions.”

I was downright flabbergasted by this discovery. The Iraqi Constitution is more progressive and liberal than ours???? The US has spent hundreds of billions of dollars on ousting Saddam Hussein, fighting insurgents and bolstering the country to the brink of democracy and yet they’ve had guaranteed health care while we didn’t? I wonder what all the Conservatives who are against universal health care have to say about that? Their tax money has been spent on creating the foundations needed to provide health care to Iraqis, yet they are insanely against the provision of health care for their fellow countrymen. I’m happy that Iraqis have been able to enjoy the national provision of health care, albeit life has been pretty shitty otherwise, but I’m ecstatic that we Americans can finally enjoy the same human rights we have “bestowed” upon Iraq.