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Graig grew up in Upstate New York just outside the former industrial super power of Buffalo.  Living near and frequently crossing the international border into Canada laid the foundation for his interest in international affairs.  After spending 18 years in Amherst, he decided to move south, well a little further south in NY,  for college and attended Binghamton University.  The surrounding area provided for interesting political debates; the more liberal minded university was situated in a rather conservative thinking community.  After spending time working for a foster care program, he moved to DC to pursue a MA from American University in International Peace and Conflict Resolution.  He has often found his opinions to differ from numerous colleagues and enjoys discussing these differences.  Graig has interned for a US Senator, the Kurdistan Regional Government, conducted field research in Iraqi Kurdistan and will have resided and studied in Cairo, Egypt for four months by the end of 2009. His experiences and opportunities have helped shape his unique opinions and he can’t wait to hear your responses.

5 Facts that you should know about me:

1. Favorite news commentator: Papa Bear
2. Favorite Baseball team: Cleveland Indians
3. Favorite food: ice cream, anything that’s not chocolaty
4. Favorite flag (non-US): Ethiopia
5. Country I’d most like to visit: Peru

Bill grew up in Northeast Philadelphia and attended public school in Jenkintown, a Philadelphia suburb. He earned his B.A. degrees in Political Science and Historical Communications from Lebanon Valley College in Central Pennsylvania. The relative cultural isolation and lacking diversity (at all levels) of the area around his college drove him into an interest in international relations, seeking out conversations with those of differing political persuasions and with the few international students at the school. After a 2-year stint working for a small, weekly newspaper in Northeast Philadelphia and volunteering with a Darfuri-run advocacy group (Darfur Alert Coalition), Bill left Philadelphia to pursue a MA in International Peace and Conflict Resolution in Washington, DC. Although he has usuall found himself on the liberal side of political or international debates, his thinking doesn’t fall into simplified partisan lines, and, in recent years, has found himself at odds with many liberal non-interventionists and isolationists.

5 Facts you should know about me:

1.) Favorite Song: Ramble On, Led Zeppelin

2.) Favorite current basketball player: Chris Paul

3.) Favorite movie: Good Will Hunting

4.) Favorite Book: Brothers Karamazov

5.) Country I’d most like to visit: India


One response to “Bloggers Bios

  1. Gentlemen- I look forward to being part of the discussion and hearing what you have to say.

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