Arizona Strikes Again!

If Arizona’s recent immigration law wasn’t worrying enough, the Governor, Jan Brewer, has just signed a new bill that removes the Mexican-American studies program from Tucson schools. Arizona’s school chief has been pushing this bill for years because he is afraid that the program teaches Latinos that they are oppressed by White Americans. He must be underestimating the powers of observation and experience because I doubt the lessons learned in the program is the source of Latinos’ awareness of oppression by the White man. I think Latinos are inherently intelligent enough to see their brethren routinely given fewer employment opportunities, lower salaried jobs and now seeing their Constitutional rights (Amendment 4) being disregarded and violated by the new Arizona immigration law.

The class may actually serve the opposite purpose of teaching oppression. It may actually teach Latinos that not all Arizonans are bigoted assholes who only want Latinos in the state in order to afford cheap home repairs and gardens maintenance, but now they won’t have the chance to learn that.


3 responses to “Arizona Strikes Again!

  1. The person who pushed for this (wuts his name?) is running for office. nuf said

  2. The bill she signed actually calls it ethnic studies. The impact could be much greater than just being directed toward Latinos depending upon who interprets this bill and how it is interpreted. What if the class contents include African American history and culture. Or what about middle eastern cultures. Or what about Asian cultures. Or what about eastern European cultures. This bill could be the basis for a white Christian curriculum only, or should I say white supremacist curriculum. The Klan would have loved the opportunity to provide education under this bill!

  3. Are you kidding me? Do you really want to teach the children of illegal aliens, people that broke our laws and snuck into our country, that white men are oppressing them?

    They can go back to Mexico if they think big bad white men are oppressing them.

    You liberals can be quite insane at times.

    I dont want to teach hispanics, legal or illegal, that the SW USA belongs to them. Try to reconquest my property in New Mexico and there will be blood.

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