Saudi Poet nears Immortality

The amazing Saudi woman Hissa Hilal has made a huge step toward winning $1 million, she has made the finals. Her poem won her loud applause from the audience, a spot in the finals and death threats. Her winning verses criticized the Muslim clergy who has “hijacked” the culture and religion and “prey like a wolf.”

In the last post, I mentioned some of the conservative aspects of Saudi live, but that people were protesting. Apparently the protests have become strong enough to threaten the radical clergy’s control, Shaikh Abdul-Rahman al-Barrak, uttered a fatwa, death sentence, against anyone who attempts to mix the sexes and issued one against people who write against the leadership. Many think this second fatwa was intended to serve as a warning to Hissa Hilal.

The finals air April 7th, maybe it can be live streamed, I don’t know, but either way let’s all hope/pray for her success.


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