A Positive Effect of Global Warming

Over this past weekend, Bill Clinton took a playful jab at his former Vice President Al Gore about global warming while hosting the annual Gridiron Dinner in Washington, D.C. It was a pretty funny joke; he noted he was speaking on the night before the start of spring, “otherwise known to Al Gore as proof of global warming.” All jokes aside, little did Mr. Clinton know that a few days after his speech, that global warming would resolve one of the world’s conflicts.

For years, India and Bangladesh have argued over the possession of a tiny uninhabited island in the Bay of Bengal. The island had never been inhabited and has long imposed itself on the skyline of the Bay of Bengal – a whopping 6 feet above sea level. At one point in the dispute, India deployed a Navy fleet to impose her perceived right of possession over the tiny island.

We can now all rest assured that this dispute won’t become hot, not because of India’s new chili pepper grenade, but because of global warming. The island has officially disappeared. Satellite imagery now depicts the island as being underwater. If India wants to defend its rights now, they’ll have to send a fleet of submarines to protect it from a stray pod of dolphins.

For all the harm global warming is causing and the negative impact it is having on conflict by decreasing fresh water supplies and increasing desertification, it has positively affected this conflict. Now India can focus all her military forces on showboating along the border with Pakistan.


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