Sushi Wins!

In a blow to animal and wildlife conservationists, the UN has rejected a call to ban the fishing of Atlantic Bluefin Tuna. Primarily developing countries and Japan spoke out against this US backed. Developing countries claimed it would cripple their fishing communities and Japan didn’t want to lose access to their valuable and highly demanded sushi ingredient. I love animals and support animal protection (up to a point, I’m no PETA person) and I can’t stand sushi, but even when science demonstrates that the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is drastically decreasing, an all out ban is way too drastic. Sorry animal lovers, but if the world can’t agree to reduce CO2 and other toxic emissions to protect the environment and save the human race from imminent danger through solar radiation and cooking, then Atlantic Bluefin Tuna shouldn’t get preferential treatment.

According to the scoreboard it’s Sushi 1 & US 0.

But don’t worry animal lovers, please rejoice and find happiness in this.


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