O Canada!

As the US continues to debate health care, banking regulations, Toyota recalls and attempts to prevent further economic decline, our neighbor to the north appears to be singing a much happier tune. Canada escaped much of the economic downward spiral the rest of the world experienced by placing restrictions on the banking system in the 1990s. The Canadian economy maintained such an even keel that the Canadian dollar is almost equal to the American dollar and has led to predictions that the loonie will surpass the eagle-buck in the not so distant future.

Even though Canada continues to bask in their economic foresight, expansive natural resources and universal healthcare (even Sarah Palin benefited from universal healthcare), the Parliament reconvened last week to discuss a hairy issue – the budget. But this proved to be no foe for the Parliament, even the opposition group voted for it. How should one celebrate such an accomplishment? Well the Canadian Parliament decided to do so by serving seal in the national cafeteria to demonstrate unity with and support of seal hunters who can no longer sell their products to Europe and by opening debate on whether the national anthem should be altered so that it’s gender unbiased, I kid you not.

Maybe we shouldn’t have been making fun of Canucks all these years, ay? But then again, what is Canada’s airforce? You guessed it, a flock of seagulls.


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