Wasteful Spending

As the Tea Party movement continues to maintain support and function as a non-violent insurgency against the federal government, the IRS may have just served the Partiers’ a spoonful of sugar on a silver platter. Apparently, Harv’s Metro Car Wash owed the IRS 4 cents from a 2006 tax return. Four years later, they have come to collect the debt. Two agenst showed up in a car in order to hand deliver the notice of past due taxes. Yes, the government needs to monitor spending and reign in any wasteful spending and outstanding debts in order to help alleviate the current crisis, but 4 cents worth of debt???!!! I don’t think 4 cents can help anything, especially not in off-setting the hours two employees wasted delivering the letter or the gas spent on driving there. Even if they mailed the letter it would have been at a 40 cent loss.

I don’t agree with the Tea Party movement, but when something like this happens it makes you think.

* stats provided by http://www.thepeoplehistory.com/pricebasket.html


2 responses to “Wasteful Spending

  1. Please don’t couple the insanity of the IRS with the insanity of the teehee party. One results from a case of bureaucratic silliness which surlelt needs some sanity injected into it while the other reflects the selfish nature of people who care more about themselves than society in general. These selfish people will undoubetly try to use this instance to bolster their position which, inturn, shows just how ridiculous they are.

  2. Agreed that it’ll be used for fodder, but it makes one think about how much government money is wasted on silly things.

    Obviously healthcare and taxcuts for the middle class are not silly things. Where were the Tea Partiers when Bush made the USG the largest it has ever been or decided to spend trillions on/in Iraq?

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