Palin 49:16

Remember when Sarah Palin wrote notes on her hand (if not click here)? Well a month after being caught she has started making jokes about it and offering excuses. The first one she offered was that she was using a poor man’s teleprompter. Good try Palin, but that’s just a mockery of an urban dictionary entry that was dated Feb. 10th. Good job trying to be funny, maybe I’m wrong and she is funny, she did make her stand-up debut on The Tonight Show.

Has Palin pulled the bag over people’s heads? Have we all forgotten that she is far from a poor woman? According to Slate Magazine’s article about the Palin’s tax returns, the Palin’s earned almost $170,000 in 2007. This is far from a poor woman’s salary! This is prior to hitting the speaking tour circuit, signing a book deal and signing a Fox News deal. Pretty sure she has permanently set herself far apart financially from the poor man. Pretty sure she’s not feeling the pains of this recession like most of America is.

Excuse number 2 is a lot more troublesome. She claims that Isaiah 49:16 provides legitimacy for having cheat notes scribbled on her hand. I’m no religious scholar, but I’m pretty sure the verse intends to bind God to his creations and is meant to represent that man and God are always interconnected. I highly doubt God’s scribbles were “On Day 1, create light; On Day 4, sun & moon; Day 6, animals and people; Day 7, rest.” To me, the issue is not that notes were scribbled on her hand, it was the content; energy, tax reductions, etc. She can’t even remember her platform! This is a sorry attempt by Palin to reinforce the impression that she is a defender of religion and in line with the wonderful American radical Evangelicals we have previous posted about.

God Bless America!


One response to “Palin 49:16

  1. I’m curious if Sarah Palin has ever heard of a little thing called the separation of church and state? Then again, she’s no constitutional scholar, or scholar of any kind…

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