New York’s Solution for Health Care

The New York State legislature recently introduced a bill that would ban the use of salt in all dishes cooked in NY restaurants. Yes, obesity is a growing problem in the US, but is limiting the tastiness of food the solution? Maybe the approach to reducing obesity should be though improving nutrition education or reducing the country’s addiction to the internet (but not this blog) and video games or decreasing costs of healthier food options such as fruits and vegetables.

Trying to increase NY’s healthiness by restricting a chef’s artistic approach is not an appropriate method of achieving better health.

Also, I’m pretty sure NY’s legislature has a bigger issue to resolve, Governor Patterson.


One response to “New York’s Solution for Health Care

  1. Aside from all the obvious reasons that this suggestion is STUPID, it is also so logistically complicated. How are you supposed to enforce this? Bring in salt inspectors? Have those that taste salt, call in to the nearest police department?

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