Breaking News: Howard Stern says things that offend people!

Howard Stern recently gave his take on Precious star Gabourey Sidibe. And guess what. He didn’t pull any punches.

So is anyone really shocked that Howard Stern is saying something edgy? Apparently some at the Huffington Post were. This video was posted on their video section and described as a “vicious attack.”

But, is what he’s saying, at the core, wrong?

From what I surmise from this clip, Stern is saying two things. First, Stern says, because of the unrealistic body types of most actors and actresses (or perhaps because of American culture or human nature’s view of beauty?) Gabourey Sidibe will probably not see as much work (or positive work) in Hollywood than a physically-fit, attractive actress would. Also, Stern says that rather than encouraging her about her future in a way that implies that it’s fine for her to keep her current body type, it would be better to encourage her to lose weight and become healthier.

I fail to see how any of this is wrong. His fat jokes are perhaps insensitive but I’ve never been one to stand on the side of political correctness. And really, it’s Howard Stern. What do you expect?

Too often in this country we associate treating obese or overweight individuals with respect as synonymous to accepting the body type. We shouldn’t be putting these individuals down—I agree. But nor should we be saying that this body type is “good” and merely “different” than the norm. We should be encouraging these individuals to change their lifestyle, exercise, and eat healthier so they can live longer and more fulfilling lives (not burdened by an array of physical problems).


2 responses to “Breaking News: Howard Stern says things that offend people!

  1. Stern saying something “edgy” ??!! Why give this man any credence by discussing what he said, which was insulting, mean-spirited and absolutely irrelevant to anything worth examining.

  2. For being “absolutely irrelevant to anything worth examining” it sure elicited a strong response from you. Go figure.

    I like to think I can blog on an array of subjects–regardless if one regards them as “worth examining” or not–whether it be Afghanistan, taxation or cultural views on obesity, without any detriment to those subjects that carry more importance.

    As far as Stern’s comments being “insulting” and “mean-spirited” (kind of redundant adjectives, no? Or are we doing the rule of threes?) all I have to say is: oh please.

    I never understood why it is that calling a morbidly obese woman names is insensitive, yet calling a short person, say Dennis Kucinich, a diminutive elf is generally viewed in a less judgmental light. Or take for instance calling George W. Bush a chimp-faced twit–is that insensitive? Is saying Barbara Streisand’s nose is so big that it enters a room two minutes before she does off limits too?

    People insult each other, often times about physical appearance. That’s life. I never understood the incessant whining about these things: either ignore it or strike back (or in Sidibe’s case: start eating healthy and exercise more–weight, unlike height say, is something you can actually control).

    But again, the point wasn’t to justify whether Stern’s comments were in “good taste” or not but whether his comments had any validity to the reality of obesity and its perception in American culture. I think they did.

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