Hello, our names are Bill and Graig. We have both paid thousands of dollars to study international relations, specifically peace and conflict resolution, and feel that our education debts (and acquired knowledge) entitle us to offer our “expert” opinions on a variety of topics affecting the state of international affairs. We often become frustrated when reading news articles or listening to experts rant on about how some new policy won’t work or is a bad decision and especially when hearing unfounded and ludicrous criticisms, questions and support for policies and leaders. So, we have decided to privilege the blogosphere with our opinions and debates as well.

You may be wondering about the title we have chosen. In lieu of Glenn Beck’s 912 Project, we are offering an alternative solution to the world’s ills–one that relies on open, reasoned discussion and debate instead of rigid ideological thinking. As Glenn Beck asked Americans to think back to the people they were on Sept. 12, 2001, we ask Americans to look back at the people they were on Sept. 13, 2009 (the day after Beck’s “historic” march on Washington, DC): we were all people living in a country that still faces an array of challenges, domestically and internationally, but still retains the potential to address these in a pragmatic, non-ideological manner.

Each post will be a discussion of a news article, an opinion or a world event that arouses intense reactions. We will take turns in picking the arousing topic and instead of discussing it privately, we will bring you into our conversation. Bill and I look forward to hearing your reactions and including you in our discussions.

Come back soon to participate in our first discussion.


One response to “Welcome!

  1. terrific blog. There’s so much noise in the blogoshpere that it’s a pleasure to read reasoned arguments that can form the basis of rational discussion.

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